Social Investors Partners, the Zurich- and Geneva-based independent philanthropy advisory firm, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its team to improve the services we offer to our clients. Our company, founded in 2005 and formerly known as “Blatter+Frick, Social Investors Services,” has been assisting a growing number of foundations, individuals and families whom we have the privilege of accompanying throughout their philanthropic engagement.

Urs Boesch, a graduate of INSEAD, will bring his decade-plus of managerial experience in the private sector to help us develop and implement our strategies moving forward. Additionally, Urs will bring his extensive field experience, including the management of large teams in Africa and South Asia for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to help our clients manage their respective philanthropic engagements.

Social Investors Partners is also pleased to announce that Alejandro Litovsky, Director of the Earth Security Initiative, is now working with our clients to create initiatives that seek to protect the Earth’s critical ecological hotspots. Alejandro brings 15 years of working with foundations to help our clients analyze the challenges we face and work with the world’s best private and public organizations in creating new solutions.

Speaking of the increased capacity of Social Investors, Zurich-based investor and Social Investors board member, Mr. Daniel Aegerter, commented that, “Social Investors has proven over the past 6 years that it can help its clients improve the impact of their philanthropic engagements. Now, by strengthening its team with two very accomplished and experienced persons, it will further increase its capacity to meet the needs of its international clientele of philanthropists.”

Social Investors Partners accompanies our clients to help maximize the impact of their philanthropic investments. As part of our mission, we aim at enhancing the professionalism in the field of philanthropy; as such, we dedicate our time and passion to assist our clients in going about their engagements strategically to make an impact by design – and not by default. This oftentimes requires driving forward accountability and transparency from all stakeholders – be they foundations, NGOs or government institutions – and ensuring that our clients’ philanthropic investments are measurable both in monetary terms as well as in the social impact that they enable.