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Learning Journeys

Matching local needs with outside expertise can be helpful and can create lasting impact, but if not done carefully it also has the potential to raise more questions than answers.

The Engagement

A community of leaders from around the world held annual gatherings on different continents. They sought to meet with local NGOs during their gatherings, both in order to connect to the local context and to share the individual expertise and collective power of the community.

Our Role

We were tasked with performing due diligence on dozens of NGOs in Tanzania and in Mexico. We mapped out a list of the organizations and the thematic areas that they covered, which were vetted by the organizational committee in Geneva. Once we met with the leadership and staff on the ground, we were also able to match the organizational development issues of each NGO with the known expertise of each of the global leaders. We then helped organize logistics as well as facilitate meaningful dialogues between the NGOs and the visitors.